Welcome Back!

!!!  FINALLY - Its Here  !!!

After 12 years of waiting we FINALLY have cable and high speed internet provided by Charter / Spectrum.

Place your order by calling 855-858-2224.

Thanks to all those who were instrumental in getting this service brought into our neighborhood!


!!!  Search for us on FaceBook !!!

We have two FaceBook closed group pages we would love to see all residents and homeowners join.  We have the "Residents of Live Oak Landing in Watson, LA" page which is for non-HOA business information such as lost cats, need for baby sitting etc., and we have the "Live Oak Landing HOA Information" page which is where we post business matters for the HOA and its membership.

Look for us and ask to join!


By advice of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality our pond/lake is classified a "Storm water runoff and detention".   -  This water should be considered polluted and can contain oil, grease, metals and coolants from vehicles; fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals from gardens and homes; bacteria from pet wastes and failing septic systems; soaps from car or equipment washing; and accidental spills, leaky storage containers, tobacco spit and whatever else ends up on the ground.
Basically this is acceptable for a runoff and detention pond but they recommend and advise against the consumption of any fish caught from these waters.